Skincare Tools Facial tools have taken over the skincare market, and we are sure you all enjoy them. There is a range of face tools available, right from ones that relax your skin to enhance your facial contours naturally. Beauty tools are your secret weapon in the quest for flawless skin. With our range of face tools and accessories, you can switch up your beauty routine and provide your skin with some extra love. They're great for those times when your face needs a little boost, or you want to look your best. We have everything from facial buffers and rollers to all-purpose organic cotton wool cloths, soft muslin cloths, and more to help you freshen up your routine. Take care of your skin with these tools designed to help you discover its natural beauty. Scrub, brush, pluck, massage, and cleanse your way to softer, cleaner and healthier-looking skin. The Gua Shua has been exceptionally well acclaimed for its ability to reduce wrinkles and improve your skin's health. Are you looking for tools that can enhance your skincare routine to make it more convenient and efficient? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Beauty Health, we hold high-quality standards to ensure that you get the best products for both beauty and health without one compromising the other! You can shop from our wide range of skincare tools that include products like manual blackhead removers, electric vacuum blackhead removers, facials steamers, facial massagers and mist sprayers. Blackheads can make sure skin look dirty and uneven. Blackheads are essentially skin pores that are filled with black material, which may be dust or dead skin. Blackhead removers are used to extract the blackheads so that your pores become clean. This also boosts the appearance of your skin, giving a softer look. Facial steamers are great for having a spa day at home! Getting a facial done at a salon may become very costly and it may not be affordable for everyone. However, with a facial steamer, you can make your salon days at home easy and convenient! Facial steamers are used to open your pores and remove the oil and dirt that is built up inside the pore. They’re also used before skin treatments to allow the skin to absorb the products more efficiently. Facial massagers are a must-have for a proper skincare routine. These massagers boost blood flow to the skin and help your skin heal and regenerate faster. Facial massagers can also be used after the application of a skincare product to ensure better absorption. The massagers also lift your skin and remove muscle tension. They’re immensely relaxing as well. How to Take Care of your Skincare Tools: To prevent skin infections, it’s important to keep all your skincare tools clean before and after every use! Here are a few tips on how to take care of your skincare tools: • Make sure you wash the tools (if they’re of washable material) after every use! This will remove any dead skin or bacteria build-up on your skin. Be more cautious of this if you have acne-prone skin. • Use an alcohol swab to disinfect the tools before using on your skin. Alcohol swabs are readily available and very cheap as well. Use an alcohol swab to wipe your tool, especially areas that come in contact with the skin. This will remove the bacteria that build up on the tools. • Make sure you keep these tools in a clean place, away from dust and pollen. • If your skincare tool requires batteries, make sure you store it after removing the batteries. Otherwise, the batteries may become damaged due to hear or sun exposure, which can ruin the entire area. If you follow these tips, you can keep your skincare tools clean and neat. This will also make them last a lot longer and it will prevent you from getting nasty skin infections. So, what are you waiting for? Try our range of premium skincare tools to give your skin the best care that it deserves! Facial Steamer Get yourself a facial steamer if you want to turn your daily 2021 skincare routine into a luxe at-home spa treatment. The humble steamer can do everything from unclogging pores to remove dirt, oil, keratin, and leftover makeup to promoting blood circulation and collagen regeneration.